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NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoe

NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoe

NEOS Navigator Insulated, 15-inch overshoes have a 5-inch extendable, waterproof gaiter for deep snow. Perfect for rugged outdoor work and serious winter hiking.
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For the internal dimensions of NEOS overshoes Click Here. If you are unable to measure your shoes, the chart below provides an approximation of sizing based on your shoe size. If using this method, we recommend sizing up to accomodate work or hiking boots.

Sizing: X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
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NEOS Navigator 5 OvershoeThe NEOS Navigator Overshoes provide 100% waterproof protection, plus warm insulation, superior fit, (tri-loc strap) and aggressive tread to the outdoor enthusiast. Light-weight and compact with a built-in 5 Inch extendable gaiter for deep snow conditions.

  • Height: 15" extends to 20" with gaiter
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • 840 Woven polyester upper fabric
  • Duraflex® quick-release closure
  • Vibram Ninja Outsole
  • Comfort Rating: -20° F
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Snowshoe compatible heel
  • Fits orthopedic footwear
Customer Reviews
Posted by: paul from Chicago, il   Rating:
These are serious boots.... Living in Chicago, the weather is cold and messy. These boots are great if you, like me, are constantly moving from inside to outside and then back again. Being able to stay warm and dry is great, not carrying dress shoes in a bag with me all the time is priceless.
Posted by: Jeffrey from Flagstaff, AZ   Rating:
These boots are built tough and are 50x better than I could have hoped for.
Posted by: Jackie from Melrose, NM   Rating:
I have a pair of NEOS Villagers and I really like them. My sister, who lives in Montana, has two pair, the Villager un-insulated and the Explorer stabilicer with insulation and metal studs for ice. She said it would be nice if they had the built in gaiter as occasionally she needs a taller boot. She likes the studs for winter but they can be a problem if you are frequently going in and out of buildings as they are slippery on floors and could damage a wood floor. I sent this pair of Navigator 5 to my nephew who is a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , in Michigan. I choose a style with insulation as he spends a lot of time walking outside and needed an overshoe that would keep his feet warm. He goes in and out of buildings and homes frequently and these are easy to take off and put on. The tred is quite deep so it grips well in snow and mud. The taller top on this style and the fold up gaiter will be a big help in deep snow and to just give a little more warmth and protection from wind. The tri-lock strap keeps the boot tight to the foot so you can wear a big hiking boot inside or your dress shoes and not have the boot flopping around on the smaller shoe.
Posted by: Hari from plainfield, IL   Rating:
it's excellent over shoe which I bought to deal with recent chicago snow, ice , sleet and rain. it's very cofrtable, keeps my feet warm, keeps my dress shoe clean and most of all stabilises feet on ice,offcourse we have to exercise caution in extrereme conditions.it's worth the money I spend.
Posted by: Clare from Presque Isle, ME   Rating:
I live in far Northern Maine where last year we got almost 200 inches of snow and last week the temperature went down to minus 41 degrees. My family and I spent a lot of time outdoors shoveling snow, snow shoeing, sledding etc. I HATE cold feet and since wearing NEOS for the past 4 years, my feet have stayed warm. I have been so happy with my NEOS that I have bought them for both of my daughters and now for my 2 sons-in-law. You can wear any comfortable sneaker, shoe or even slippers in the NEOS. We all love our NEOS.

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